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details of this longcase clock
field value update field
1unique clock record id551ae264a98ad
2photoset informationThere is no photoset available. A "photoset" is a collection of photos of a clock and its parts and consists of a minimum of 10 photos. A typical photoset in The Clock Register contains about 100 photos of a clock and its parts. Click here to request the creator of this clock record to make a photoset available so you can view it here. Once we have the photoset, we will alert you by email. Please note that you need to pay to view a photoset.
3clock typelongcase clock
4sub type longcase clockComtoise
5movement duration8 day
6type of trainsgoing + striking
7same barrel strikingno
8passing strikeno
9maintaining power type
11type strikingtwo minutes past the hour repeater
12striking mechanismrack
13chime melodies
14chime mechanism
15bell or gongbell
16how many bells1
17sort gong
18number of wheels going train4
19number of wheels striking train5
20number of wheels chiming train
21number of wheels alarm train
22escapement typeVulliamy deadbeat
23platform escapement type
24how many dials1
25clockmaker on dialAuguste Alméras
26retailer on dial
27city on dial
28country on dialFrance
29saying on dial
30anything else on dial
31fake or real clockmakerfake
32clockmakerJean Mayet
33best guess clockmaker
34clockmaker clock number
35clockmaker on clock plates
36anything else on plates
37other marks on clock
38clock made in countryFrance
39earliest clock made date01-01-1760
40latest clock made date31-12-1780
41best guess clock made date06-06-1770
42marriage or original
43marriage description
45damage descriptionThe ratchet wheel of the going great wheel was severely worn and has now been repaired.
46clock materialbrass, steel
47case style
48case materialpine, wood
49case height in cm
50case width in cm
51case depth in cm
52longcase plinth height in cm
53longcase plinth width in cm
54longcase plinth depth in cm
55longcase trunk height in cm
56longcase trunk width in cm
57longcase trunk depth in cm
58longcase hood height in cm
59longcase hood width in cm
60longcase hood depth in cm
61other observations on case
62dial shaperound
63dial diameter in cm34
64dial height in cm
65dial width in cm
66dial thickness in mm2.3
67dial materialenamelled brass
68false plateno
69handscalendar (date of the month) hand,hour hand,minute
70hands materialblued steel
71subdialsdate of the month, hours, minutes
72clock levers
73weight or springweight
74going train weight in kg6.5
75striking train weight in kg6.6
76chiming train weight in kg
77alarm train weight in kg
78length spring going in cm
79height spring going in cm
80thickness spring going in mm
81length spring striking in cm
82height spring striking in cm
83thickness spring striking in mm
84length spring chiming in cm
85height spring chiming in cm
86thickness spring chiming in mm
87length spring alarm in cm
88height spring alarm in cm
89thickness spring alarm in mm
90going train fusee
91striking train fusee
92chiming train fusee
93number of pillars4
94plates shapeoblong
95plate diameter in cm
96A-shaped plate top width in cm
97A-shaped plate bottom width in cm
98plate height in cm27
99plate width in cm23
100frame depth in cm14
101plate thickness in mm1.8
102calendar typehand pointing to day of month
104rise and fall
105pull repeatyes
107winding keyyes
108case keyyes
110pendulum length in cm126.30
111pendulum temperature compensationyes
112pendulum temperature compensation typeHarrison gridiron
113balance temperature compensation
114balance temperature compensation type
115url to picture of clock
116picture of clock 1
117picture of clock 2
118picture of clock 3
119picture of clock 4
120picture of clock 5
121photoset available for purchaseno
122originals available for purchaseno
123photoset price in GBP
124photo originals price in GBP
125auctioned when31-10-1998
126auction houseChorley's
127auction lot number124
128auctioned in cityCranham
129realised auction value1,200
130realised auction value currencyGBP
131estimated value of clock1,300
132estimated value clock currencyGBP
133more information about clockThe case is missing. This is not unusual for a Comtoise clock as the cases were used as fired wood in war time.
134other parts of clock
135ticking sound of clock
136striking sound of clock
137chiming sound of clock
138alarm sound of clock
139is clock for saledon't know
140price for sale1,800
141price for sale currencyUSD
142is clock stolenyes
143missing since01-11-1990
144found on31-03-1994
145final commentThis is a demo (or phantom or fictitious) clock to demonstrate the capabilities of The Clock Register. You need to be logged in to see real clock data and to get access to any photoset of the clock and its parts.
146this record was created byMarc ter Kuile on 31 March 2015 11:17:15