upload your clock photos

For a full explanation of how you can earn money from your clock photos, click here. Here, we just focus on the practical steps of uploading photos to The Clock Register.

Five practical steps to begin earning money from your photos

  • Step 1: Send your photosets to us (email: via a file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer or whatever service you feel comfortable with. We will then store your photos on Flickr, in a private and secure space, which nobody can access unless they come through The Clock Register. Remember, you will remain the sole owner of your photos. We will immediately return or delete your photos, if you so request. No questions asked. Our reputation as a clock conservation business depends entirely on how we treat your intellectual property. We aim to offer a first class business, and that, in a first class way.
  • Step 2: The Clock Register can only accept a photoset under our revenues sharing deal provided that (1) it consists of at least 10 good quality photos of the clock and its parts, (2) each photo in a photoset must be at least 100 x 100 pixels and (3) all photos are free from watermarks. Please note that we will not offer single photos for sale as high resolution photos, unless both width and height of these photos exceed 100 pixels. In our judgment, below that number of pixels, the photo quality is not good enough to sell as a high quality photo.
  • Step 3: Give your clock photos as many tags to describe its contents as you can. The more tags you give each photo, the more revenues potential you create for yourself, because you increase the probability that your photo will be found in a photosearch. If a Member likes a photo, he or she might want to buy the original from you. Here are some examples of tags people might search on. You can create any tag you like with a maximum of 75 tags per photo. Of course, a tag must relate to what you see in the photo.
  • Step 4: Add the clock that belongs to a photoset to The Clock Register by clicking on "add clock" in the menu bar. The more questions you answer about the clock, the better the chances it will be found in a search, the better your chances to earn money.
  • Step 5: Add your payment details, so we can pay you.

You remain in complete control of your photos...

Remember, while you are earning money, you are always in complete control:

  • You decide the quality of the photos you want to show.
  • You decide the price people have to pay to view a photoset that illustrates a clock.
  • You decide the price of a high resolution photo.
  • You can check your earnings real-time online (provided you are logged in) by clicking on My Account in the menu bar and then on my net revenues.
  • Most importantly, you remain in full control as the owner of your original photos, if you so wish.

...with full flexibility

If you only want to show reduced quality photos, that's fine. If you also want to sell your higher, quality original photos that's fine too! The Clock Register will never own your photos. Not your reduced quality ones, not your originals.

A licence protects you

Our website visitors and Members will be able to save your reduced quality photos but only on a licence that says that they cannot distribute or make money from them without your consent. Without your consent, they can only use them for their own purposes. Only when you decide to sell a high resolution photo—at a price that you set—can that website visitor or Member obtain a copy of your original. Again, on a licence where that person cannot distribute or make money from that original without your consent.


Click here to see a demo of how this all works.

Can I trust The Clock Register?

If you feel awkward about sending your clock photos to us, remember that you are dealing with The Clock Register. You have our word and a written agreement in the Terms of Use that if you want your photos back or deleted from our website, we will do exactly as you request. We exist for our Members and our aim is to run a first class business, and that, in a first class way.