How to sell clocks

If you want to include any clocks that you have for sale on our Clocks For Sale page, you need to follow the steps below.

The Clock Register offers this service for FREE. All you need to do is enter the information about the clocks you wish to sell.

Steps to begin selling

  • Make sure that you have joined as a Member of The Clock Register to obtain a login name and password.
  • Login to The Clock Register.
  • Once you are logged in, choose "upload/add" and then "add clocks" from the top menu. Then select basicdefinition: basic questions => Basic questions are questions that can be answered without taking the clock apart. or advanceddefinition: advanced questions => Advanced questions include basic questions as well as questions that you typically can answer only if you take the clock apart. to add clock information about a clock you wish to sell. Answer as many of the questions about this clock, as you can. The more you describe your clock, the more interest you are likely to find for it and the more Clock Credits you will earn.
  • Once you reach the question "Is the clock for sale?" say "yes" and fill in the price and currency you are willing to sell at.
  • To maximise the chances that a potential buyer will look at your clock, include a website link to the clock you want to sell or to your home page.
  • Besides the website link, save a picture of the clock, when asked, so a thumbnail of your picture will show in the Clocks For Sale table. Members can click on the thumbnail to see the full-size picture of the clock.
  • Fill in the Owner details of the clock as fully as possible to make it easy for a potential buyer to contact you. In order to protect your privacy, we will only show what you are prepared to show to potential buyers. We offer you the possibility of showing an email address. If you do not want to show your email address, select The Clock Register as the owner of the clock. In that case a potential buyer will contact us first. We will then approach you and you can decide whether you wish to take it further or not.
  • You must fill in the date when your ownership of the clock began and leave the end date of your ownership blank, as obviously, you must still own the clock in order to offer it for sale. Without a begin date, your clock will not be visible on the For Sale list.

NB: You can use The Clock Register for free, as long as you add clocks. You will get 100 free Clock Credits when you join us. You use up 20 Clock Credits when you click on the hyperlinks in the search results to see more details. But only for a clock contributed by someone else. So if you look at the details of a clock you have entered yourself that is always free. Every time you register a clock (for sale or otherwise) you will gain Clock Credits depending on how many of the more than 150 fields you fill in. The more detail you provide, the more Clock Credits you gain.