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The Clock Register is a world-wide database about clocks, worthy of conserving for future generations. We aim to be a museum of clocks on the internet. Accessible for all, holding more detailed and accurate information than any other source.

We therefore catalog more than 150 items per clock and hold that information for ever. We do this for every clock that should never be lost to humanity. By assembling such valuable information in a trustworthy, neutral, ever-lasting place, these clocks will be looked after better. So buyers, owners, dealers, collectors and conservators all benefit.

In other words, to have a clock registered in The Clock Register will enhance its pedigree and increase its value. Today, we already have the largest searchable collection of tagged photos of clocks and clock parts on the internet.

Pictures that generate funds

We do what museums cannot do. We bring together---in one place---all clocks, regardless of who owns them or where they are. By bringing together this information, amongst others from museums around the world, The Clock Register is the place where clock professionals and enthusiasts gather to study clocks, view pictures, listen to their ticking, striking and chiming and to study and buy photos of clocks and clock parts. Income from these pictures is shared with the owner of the picture. So, if you provide photosets of your clocks (and you only have to do that once per clock) you position yourself to earn money for your museum. Moreover, your presence on The Clock Register will drive traffic to your website and increase footfall to your museum.

So reinforce your museum's reputation, get your museum discovered via The Clock Register. Get people to visit your museum to see the real thing. Ensure that your museum is profiled where clock afiniciados gather.

Participate and you will draw more visitors to your collection. You will raise more funds to organise exhibitions and our website visitors will recognise you as a leader in the world of conservation.

We create transparency for collectors and musea

We make transparent what's happening to a clock over its lifetime by showing its technical and ownership history. You can see who worked on a clock and when, what has been done to a clock and why, who owns it now and who owned it in the past. You can even download conservators' job reports.

Once a clock is registered in The Clock Register, its pedigree is born and it can now build a detailed work and ownership timeline of great value to clock enthusiasts and professionals alike, today and for future generations. This is an effort by us all, for us all. Support it. Benefit from it.

We boost your marketing

Enter your clocks to The Clock Register and entice potential visitors to come and see the real object in your museum or collection. Buy with more certainty now that you can verify the pedigree of a clock. Insist clock sellers register their clocks with The Clock Register before you consider buying or exhibiting that clock.

If you wish to add a lot of clocks to The Clock Register, then ask for our spreadsheet listing the fields you need to fill in. Return the spreadsheet when you are done and we will load all your clock data in one go into The Clock Register.

Check out whether your museum or clock collection is listed on our list of clock musea. If not, add your clocks so the world can see that you are active and eager to play a leadership role in conservation.

Stolen clocks

We show the most complete list of stolen clocks on the internet. In the unfortunate event a clock has been stolen, you can report it here to hasten its retrieval.

Earn extra Clock Credits on social media

So, join us now to become a Member, search for clocks and photos, add your own photos to earn some extra money, take the Expert test, register your clocks, offer them for sale and get on the list of clock musea.

Tell your colleagues and friends about us by clicking one of the square social buttons on the right. To get the networking effect going of our clock conservation crowdsourcing platform, we encourage you, after you have joined us as a Member, to spread the news of your Membership. If you tweet that important event, using hashtag #theclockregister, or state it on Facebook, we'd be thrilled to award you an extra 200 Clock Credits right away.

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