Newsletter 1: 20 March 2014

Huge leaps at The Clock Register

We've made enormous progress at The Clock Register.

  • A better look and feel, easier on the eye, basic and advanced questions for adding clocks, more logical questions flow, a menu system to boot (navigate), sortable columns in result tables, more ready-to-chew information, more views of the data, FREE space to promote yourself as conservator, a FREE page to sell your clocks, to list stolen clocks, increased privacy controls and Stripe's payment system to buy Clock Credits.

To buy what…?
  • Today, we launch our Clock Credits system. This is exciting. You earn credits by adding clocks. Searching and viewing the result screen is free. You eat crredits when you search and then open the clock, owner or conservator term sheet. Everyone starts with 100 Clock Credits. So long as you add clocks, you'll have enough Clock Credits to benefit from The Clock Register for FREE. Can’t be bothered about entering clocks? But still want to see what’s in the database? Well… you can buy Clock Credits now. We use Stripe as our payment system. Known, trusted and secure.
  • You can now search on over 150 clock attributes. Results pop up in milliseconds, yes…! The Clock Register is THE ONLY service that offers such power to dice and slice your search exactly as you wish to find that long lost clock.

Saving your unfinished data
  • You can now take as much time as you like to enter clock data and even walk away, in the middle of adding a clock, for as long as you like... an hour, a day, a week, it does not matter. We will save your data until you have time to finish that clock. Just log in again and we will bring you back to where you left off.

Basic and advanced questions
  • We also introduce a basic and an advanced series of questions. You can answer the basic questions without taking a clock apart. The advanced questions are best suited for a conservator who, as part of his or her normal routine, will examine every part of a clock. Yes... more work, but you earn a lot more Clock Credits answering the advanced questions.

Are you an Expert?
  • We invite you to take the Expert test! It's fun. Test yourself on some pretty detailed questions about clocks—and if you pass—you gain extra Clock Credits. Once an Expert, you should feel comfortable to take the advanced questions route every time you add a clock. Remember, the advanced route offers quite a few more Clock Credits than the basic route.

Next steps
And you can probably guess what we are working on at the moment? Just extrapolate what we have done so far…! Imagine making money from your clocks without selling them! Well... enough said. Just hang on our coattails and tell your friends about it! We can’t wait to get this going. If you want to read the small print, our FAQ page goes into more detail on all these improvements. There will be some things we don’t get quite right first time, so please continue to let us know how we’re doing. No holds barred. Anything goes. Tell us what you like and don't like.

We appreciate your interest in The Clock Register.

The Team at The Clock Register