Newsletter 2: 10 September 2014

We proudly present photo search!
... and how you can now make money from your own clock photos!

You can now search for photos of clocks and clock parts
  • Want to find a good photo of a rack, flirt, jumper, snail, barrel cap, gathering pallet, false plate, third wheel going? Or perhaps even something as sophisticated as a maintaining power spring? You name it. You search it. You find it. It's as simple as that when you use our photo search. Try it here and now. Yes, just click here to search for a "maintaining power spring". And if you did not click there, well... you'll find it under search in the menu bar. You can search on tags or text to find the photo you want. When you search on text you search on the photo's file name, all its tags and its description. Doing a photo tag search, however, only searches the photo's tags. So it is a more narrow search.

Three ways to make money from your photos
  • Apart from searching for photos, you can earn money from your own photos of your clocks and clock parts. Upload your photos to us via your preferred upload service (for instance: Dropbox or WeTransfer) and we do the rest...
    1. Earn money form your photosets
    2. Earn money from your high resolution photos
    3. Earn money from your revenue share of Clock Credits sales!

Most importantly, you will always remain the owner of your photos! Our Terms of Use make this clear. We store your photos safely in Yahoo's photo service, Flickr. No one can see them unless they come through The Clock Register. If you want your photos back at any point, we will return them to you immediately. No questions asked. Note that we aim to offer a first class business, and that, in a first class way.
Check your net revenues real-time online!
  • The my net revenues screen shows real-time how much you have earned for this month. Once you are logged in, go to my account in the menu bar and then to my net revenues. Simple as that.

Improved menu bar
  • We now offer a very complete menu bar. Just hover over the menu bar and you will see it opens up into many different and helpful shortcuts to where you want to go. Try the search => for clock photos! You'll notice that once you are logged in, the menu bar presents you only with the relevant menu options you need to add clocks, search for clocks and photos, and manage your account.

Are you not on our auctioneers list yet?
  • Get on our auctioneers list and add your clocks to The Clock Register to get more interest in what you are selling. Check it out under extras in the menu bar.

Freely advertise your clocks for sale!
  • Are you a clock dealer or retailer? Make sure your clocks show on our "clocks for sale list"! It's free to get on the list. All you need to do is add the information about the clocks you have for sale.

Want to promote your clock conservation, restoration or repair service?
  • Get your name on our clockmakers list. All you need to do is add the clocks you have worked on or are working on now and your name will automatically appear on the list. It is free. The more you add, the higher up the list your name will climb. The more you add, the more you can search for free. Add photos of clocks and boost your income!

Are you an internet museum yet?
  • Every clock museum would love a few more visitors and more funds to organise exhibitions! Draw more visitors to your collection through The Clock Register and your earnings will follow. Contribute your clocks and photos to The Clock Register and people will beat a path to your door to see the real thing. How's that... as your contribution to clock conservation!

What if I want to add a lot of clocks all at the same time?
  • Don't worry. We'll make it easy for you to do so. If you have a lot of clocks to add, then ask for our spreadsheet which lists all the fields you need to fill in. Return the spreadsheet when you are done and we will load all your clock data in one go into The Clock Register. You earn the Clock Credits of course.

Does it cost money to search The Clock Register?
  • That depends on you. If you are going to contribute information and photos to The Clock Register as a true believer in, and supporter of, clock conservation by and for us all, then you may never have to pay anything. Indeed, chances are you will be making money from your photos! As long as you enter new clocks, you will be earning up to 174 Clock Credits per clock. Every time you search, you lose 20 Clock Credits. So you'll see that if you are an active participant, you will be piling up on Clock Credits! And very likely take cash home every month when other Members' click on your photos. This is what crowdsourcing is all about. He or she who contributes, will benefit. Our FAQ page goes into full detail.

Free Clock Credits for those who participate
  • Participate and benefit. That's our motto. To get the perfect storm going, to get the virtuous circle flowing, to get the wheel spinning, we are offering 500 Clock Credits for free until 31 October 2014 to those who have added a clock to The Clock Register and tweet to say so using hashtag #theclockregister. Point us to the tweet and we'll give you 500 Clock Credits for free!

Next steps
So, if you want to know more, our FAQ page goes into more detail on all these improvements. Feel free to email or call us on +44 (0)7590 673 598. We are happy to talk to you. There will be some things we don’t get quite right first time, so please continue to let us know how we’re doing. No holds barred. Anything goes. Tell us what you like and don't like.

We appreciate your interest in The Clock Register.

The Team at The Clock Register